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A Partnership in Collaboration

Founded in 2016, Fairchance is a 501c3 Colorado Charity engaged in providing workplace and societal re-entry support for at-risk populations that include:  U.S. Veterans, Justice-Involved residents, the homeless, and the extended-term unemployed.  Fairchance is collaboratively partnered with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Colorado, the Colorado Department of Corrections, and the U.S. Department of Labor.  Fairchance services through events, networks, and one-to-one counseling and advisement.

This is FairchanceTM

Fairchance is a welcome departure from the single agency theory in dealing with the nationwide systemic problem of community re-entry.  It takes a collaborative village and Fairchance is foremostly, a multi-agency administrator in dealing not only with employment solutions, but the underlying and necessary supports of housing, transportation, and food.   Fairchance is directly and collaboratively partnered with the largest independent career events firm, the Colorado Career Project, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Colorado Department of Corrections, and the U.S. Department of Labor.  Fairchance is also networked with hundreds of direct services organizations in Colorado.    Beyond collaboration, Fairchance is also a strategic leader and a results-proven organization in sourcing jobs for at-risk populations.  Instead of working just one end of the employment spectrum, Fairchance counsels, advises, and consults both employer and job candidate.  Fairchance Symposiums offer employers an opportunity to learn about economic incentives of hiring at-risk populations–such as wage subsidies, tax incentives, and free bonding insurance.  Relatedly, at-risk job candidates enjoy unprecedented exposure to 50 to 100 employers per career fair event, more receptive employers, and access to a resource network of everything needed in life to support their new job or career – food, transportation, housing, and counseling.

Employer Consulting.

Fairchance works both ends of the employment spectrum to ensure the hireability of Colorado’s underserved Veterans, Homeless, and justice-involved.  Fairchance hosts symposiums to educate employers on tax incentives, wage subsidies, and free bonding insurance.

Fairchance Employer Training

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Candidate Employment.

Fairchance works with U.S. Veterans, Homeless, and Justice-involved candidates on a personal level and on a macro level.  Fairchance provides pre-employment counseling & training but also provides large scale (50 to 100 employers) career events monthly.

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Candidate Resources.

Because social and economic needs are generally related, Fairchance provides adjunct services to career advisement, counseling and placement.  Through network partners, Fairchance offers adjunct life resources including food, housing, and transportation.

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Candidate Counseling & Training.

Fairchance provides both one-on-one counseling, training, & placement as well as free and guided access to 50-to-100 employer career events in which employers are pre-consulted regarding the special needs of many under-served job candidates.

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Supporting Under-Served Populations Including:  

  (From Left):  Johanna Leal (Colorado Dept of Corrections), Jamie Mendelson (Asst. U.S. Attorney),  Katharine McIntyre (Fairchance Executive Director).

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