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Fairchance was founded in 2016 upon a presidential initiative to immediately and collaboratively assist local under-served communities with improved career and life opportunities. Fairchance is a 501c3 Colorado Charity that provides the most powerful means of upwardly mobilizing our under-served homeless, jobless, impoverished, veteran, and justice-involved residents and their communities.  Fairchance serves our communities with unprecedented access to the largest number of employers, well-paying jobs, employment events, career services, and a reference network for supportive life services of food, transportation and housing. Fairchance collaborative partnerships have included the U.S. Dept. of Labor, U.S. Attorney’s Office (2016-2018), Colorado Dept. of Labor, Colorado Workforce, and the City of Denver/Economic Dev’t.

This is FairchanceTM

Fairchance was founded in 2016 from a presidential initiative to assist local communities with jobs, career training, and upward mobility for our under-served populations.  Fairchance partnerships have included the U.S. Attorney’s Office, U.S. Department of Labor, The Colorado Career Project (CCP), the State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), and Colorado’s Workforce Program.   

Fairchance has garnered state and national recognition for its innovative programming as its community awards have been signed and/or co-presented by Colorado’s Governor, the U.S. Attorney, and the Director of Colorado Department of Corrections.  Fairchance has also been graciously supported by organizations that include Walmart, for the support provided in many regions that are co-served by Walmart retail outlets.  Fairchance benefits low income and economically-disadvantaged families by increasing access to jobs, bringing 50 to 100 new employers to their communities each month, and providing access to thousands of better-paying (over $15/hour) positions each month.  

Fairchance is the largest single provider of career access programming in Colorado and utilizes the most unique and yet effective method for assisting low-income, veteran, homeless, and justice-involved populations in Colorado.  Fairchance administers monthly 50-to-100 employer career fairs, “CareerMarket” forums that directly involve several dozen school districts, colleges, and universities, and direct counseling and advisement of job candidates on sourcing education, employment, and vital life services.  

The goal of Fairchance is to create a sustained difference in Colorado communities and we do this by bringing together all facets of education, employment, counseling, and vital life services (food, transportation & housing). Fairchance also purveys alternative and custom-tailored methods, as well, including 25 different employment programs that include internships, mentorships, and apprenticeships, helping to create faster and more sustained opportunities for all our local communities.  

Supporting Under-Served Populations Including:  

  (From Left):  Johanna Leal (Colorado Dept of Corrections), Jamie Mendelson (Former Asst. U.S. Attorney),  and Katharine McIntyre (Fairchance Executive Director).

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Improving our Communities

Community Growth, Economic Improvement and Employment Access are directly related to programs that bring More Jobs, Better-paying positions, Career Mobility, better Employer Access, Career Training, and Educational Involvement.   This is Fairchance.


Better-paying Positions

Career Mobility

Employer Access

Career Training

Educational Involvement

Fairchance brings an average of 500 to 1000 new jobs per community per month (Click).

Fairchance employers offer professional positions with starting positions from $15/hour up to $100,000+/yr. (Click)

Fairchance continues to offer candidates re-employment opportunities as well as access to internships & mentorships (Click).

Fairchance hosts 50 to 100 new employers per community each and every month at up-front, in-person career events (Click).

50% of Fairchance Employers offer on-the-job training.  Fairchance also provides free counseling/training.   (Click).

 35 major Colorado Schools & Colleges are members of Fairchance (Click) .

More Jobs Better Paying Positions Better Paying Positions Career Mobility Career Mobility Employer Access Employer Access Career Training Career Training Educational Involvement Educational Involvement More Jobs