Fairchance Career Services include co-hosting Colorado’s largest career fair events with 50 to 100 major employers from the U.S. Secret Service to TSA and the U.S. Post Office.  Fairchance extends its services to both job candidates and employers, to both

Partnered to make a Difference

Fairchance promotes symposiums hosted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office at selected career events.  Information is provided to employers with the sole purpose of increasing employment of at-risk populations.  50 to 100 employers at a time learn about free bonding insurance, employment subsidies, and tax deductions which collectively incentivize the hiring of U.S. Veterans, justice-involved, homeless, and the extended-term unemployed.

Fairchance Employer Consulting Services.  Unlike most re-entry service agencies, Fairchance recognizes the role that employers play in the hiring of U.S. Veterans, Homeless, and Justice-involved candidates.  And without a firm understanding of the economic benefits accorded to them for under-served hires (Tax incentives, Free Bonding Insurance, and Wage Subsidies) and their role as a corporate citizen, many employers can easily invoke personal and cultural prejudices to actually thwart the process of re-entry, despite any impressive credentials, experience, or training of a worthy job candidate.  This is why Fairchance holistically consults 30 to 50 major employers at a time, monthly, on the merits of under-served candidate hiring.  (See our results page).

Partnerships, Networks & Sponsors

Fairchance networks are powerful tools to provide our underserved populations with jobs, counseling, food, transportation, and housing.

Our network partners benefit from their target bases securing jobs and counseling  through Fairchance while Fairchance constituencies are assisted with life resources that can help them sustain their new jobs and careers well into the future.  

 Fairchance was founded in 2016 as a collaborative partnership with the U.S. Attorney’s Office/Denver (2016-18).  Subsequently, the U.S. Department of Labor has occupied a front seat role in assisting under-served populations that have included US Veterans as well as homeless and chronically unemployed.Fair Chance Employer Symposium & Career Fair | March 13 2017

 ends of the spectrum.  Knowing that at-risk candidates have a more difficult time securing employment, Fairchance consults, advises, and presents to employers through symposiums that explain the economic and humanistic rewards of hiring at-risk candidates from tax incentives to free bonding insurance and wage subsidies.

A patron of a Fairchance Career Event secures guidance and resources from a Fairchance Provider Network Partner (August, 2016).   Food, Transportation, Psychological Counseling, and Housing are provided through a myriad of Fairchance Network Partners that include the Denver Rescue Mission, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Remerg, and Cross Purpose.

Fairchance is a fully-partnered Colorado 501c3 charity which assists with re-entry services for Colorado’s under-served populations: U.S. Veteran, the justice-involved, homeless, and extended-term unemployed.  Fairchance is partnered with the U.S. Government and dozens of direct service charities.  Fairchance hosts Colorado’s largest independent career events and Colorado’s only U.S. Government-presided symposiums to educate state and national employers regarding the economic and humanistic benefits of employing the under-served.  These include:  federal tax incentives, free bonding insurance, and wage subsidies.  Fairchance is an holistic direct services provider which engages both the under-served and the employers and resource networks vital for success.

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