The Fairchance Board of Advisors

Community Contributed

The Fairchance Board of Advisors is a board sourced from the community in which Fairchance serves.  But more than this, the board members themselves bring to the table core and strategic competencies that keep Fairchance fully focused and engaged in serving its constituencies.

The Fair Chance Board of Advisors.

The Fairchance Board of Advisors is tasked with a job of strategic review of Fairchance agendas, policies, and markets.  The Board of Advisors was specifically chosen to be able to effectively advise regarding the achievement of goals and strategies based on the Mission of Fairchance, particularly regarding the welfare and interest of U.S. Veterans, Colorado Homeless populations, and Justice-involved residents of Colorado.  The Fairchance Board of Advisors possess both experience in policy and practice, and hold key positions along the lines of government, economy, welfare, and employment concerning Colorado’s under-served.

Fairchance Advisor, Paris Sherman, Denver Workforce Services Director, City of Denver

Cordelia Randall

Jovita Martinez

Herminio Maldonado

Paris Sherman

Jason Cuerdon

Carl Anderson

Karl Emmerich

Katharine McIntyre

Director, Cross Purpose Charity

U.S. Department of Labor

U.S. Veteran’s Administration

Executive Director, Fairchance

Director, Denver Workforce

Attorney at Law

Arapahoe County Detentions

Director, Colorado Career Project

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