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Serving the Under-Served

In Colorado, “under-served” populations often fall “under the radar” of many provider networks simply because many foodbanks and shelters don’t have the resources to track the homeless, justice-involved, and U.S. Veteran populations serviced by Fairchance.  Fairchance sources a number of contact parameters that allows it to re-service and track measured results .  

U.S. Veterans are one of the three targeted populations of Fairchance and represent an at-risk population for several reasons.  Suicide, joblessness, and criminal involvement are often correlated with active duty.  So upon re-entry, our Veterans deserve the special attention necessary to procure jobs and life resources through Fairchance.  esent nisl tortor, laoreet eu, dapibus quis, egestas non, mauris. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Nullam eleifend pharetra.

Criminal Justice Reform has become a bi-partisan effort in 2018.  But the tremendous work of re-integrating those with a justice-involved past is staggering.  Recidivism is still at 50% in Colorado, underscoring the need for many more resources than expected.  The Fairchance Provider Network has become even more valuable in 2018. semper enim non eros

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Colorado’s Homeless populations are both chronic and temporary but also vary in the degree of their depravity of vital resources and employment.  Fairchance tracks and assists without question populations including TANF recipients, Foodstamp recipients, extended-term unemployed (over 1 year) and the  under-employed Morbi pellentesque mauris interdum

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Colorado’s disabled, dis-engranchised, and immigrant populations are additionally targets for assistance by Fairchance, using its same core services and provider networks.  Fairchance does not discriminate on any level, but works to provide assistance to everyone in need.Fusce ac erat lorem sapien tempus

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Fairchance:  Serving Colorado’s Under-served Populations

Fairchance receives no fees from clients for career services, counseling, or events.  Fairchance is a program that is funded entirely from monetary and in-kind donations and shared services through the Fairchance Partner Network.  For more information about Fairchance client services please call:  (303) 287-6064 or reach us via one of our directors at:  kathy@coloradocareerproject.com,   Kathy@coloradocareerproject.com, or damon@coloradocareerproject.com.   Fairchance is a Colorado 501c3 non-profit organization in collaborative partnership with the U.S.Department of Labor, City of Denver Economic Development Office, and Colorado Workforce (CDLE)..

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