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Fairchance is a Colorado 501c3 charity and also a collaborative partnership with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Colorado Department of Corrections, and the U.S. Department of Labor.  Collectively, Fairchance works to enhance re-entry opportunities for under-served and at-risk populations including U.S. Veterans, justice-involved, homeless, and the extended-term unemployed.

U.S. Attorney’s Office |Robert Troyer, U.S. Atty

Fairchance is collaboratively partnered with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Denver, Colorado.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office presents at Fairchance Symposiums regarding employer benefits for hiring justice-involved and at-risk candidates.

Colorado Dept. Of Corrections.

The Colorado Department of Corrections is known for managing prison populations but is actively involved in re-training individuals once they leave prisons for a more successful and productive career.

U.S. Dept of Labor

The U.S. Dept of Labor in Colorado is actively engaged in enhancing career opportunities for U.S. Veterans.  While also presenting at Fairchance events, the DOL oversees government grants and employer relations en-route to improved hiring of U.S. Veterans.

Colorado Career Project

The Colorado Career Project was founded in 2013 by the U.S. Army as a recruitment event tool for active duty personnel.  Since 2013, CCP holds the largest independent career events in Colorado and is the founder of the Careershare Consortium, an educational membership organization.

Fairchance Event at UCCS | Colorado Springs | Fall, 2016.

U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer

Main Office

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Colorado Dept. Of Corrections

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Attn: Constituent Services Office

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U.S. Department of Labor

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The Colorado Career Project

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Suite B-11

Centennial, CO. 80112

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