Fairchance Partners

Fairchance is a Colorado 501c3 charity and also a collaborative partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, CDLE/Colorado Workforce, and the Colorado Career Project. Fairchance works to provide immediate career access, counseling, and placement opportunities for Colorado’s underprivileged populations including the homeless, U.S. Veterans, unemployed, and justice-involved.

Colorado Workforce

Colorado Workforce offers Fairchance a broad network of experience and integration into Colorado’s underprivileged hiring. Boulder, Jefferson, and Adams County regional offices continue to be especially strong event and programming partners.

U.S. Dept of Labor

The U.S. Dept of Labor in Colorado is actively engaged in enhancing career opportunities for U.S. Veterans.  While also presenting at Fairchance events, the DOL oversees government grants and employer relations en-route to improved hiring of U.S. Veterans.

Colorado Career Project

The Colorado Career Project was founded in 2013 by the U.S. Army as a recruitment event tool for active duty personnel.  Since 2013, CCP holds the largest independent career events in Colorado and is the founder of the Careershare Consortium, an educational membership organization.

Fairchance Event at UCCS | Colorado Springs | Fall, 2016.

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In Recognition.   Special thanks to Walmart for their kind and continuous support of Fairchance Denver Regional programs.

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A Collaborative Partnership w/ The U.S. Department of Labor

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Denver Economic Development

Denver Economic Development maintains a role and focus on upward mobility of lower income communities through the provision of job and career opportunities.