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Fairchance employs at-risk job candidates using Colorado’s largest career events and by ‘priming the pump’ with employers to make sure they are ready to hire many considered ‘unhireable’.  Fairchance’s unique methods of re-entry success are based on ensuring more than a new job or career for our Vets, homeless, and justice-involved.  They are also based on educating employers and helping to provide a vast network of life resources for those at risk in our communities.

Fairchance consults employers regarding the benefits of hiring U.S. Veterans, Justice-involved candidates, the homeless, and those who have been unemployed for over a year.  Fairchance symposiums provide the ability to reach between 50 and 100 companies at a time and are held every other month.  At symposiums, employers learn about the economic benefits of hiring the under-served including receiving tax credits, free wage subsidies, and free bonding insurance.     urabitur felis erat tempus eu placerat

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Fairchance actively assists to employ job candidates who are under-served through hosting Colorado’s largest independent career events.  Between 50 and 100 major employers from Verizon to the U.S. Post Office participate monthly in career events which provide job hiring opportunities to U.S. Veterans, justice-involved candidates, the homeless, and extended term unemployed.  In conjunction with Fairchance symposiums, Fairchance employers have a heightened interest in hiring many “unhirable” candidates. stibulum semper enim non eros

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Without the conduit of food, transportation, and housing, successful job placements cannot be sustained.  Veterans, homeless, and justice-involved candidates need food, a place to live, and a way to get to work.  That’s why Fairchance’s resource network participates in all Fairchance events and is consulted with each and every job candidate counseled.  Over 50 Fairchance-partnered direct service charities help provide sustenance and vital services for many Fairchance candidates during the re-entry process.  Morbi pellentesque mauris interdum

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Fairchance directly counsels and trains at-risk job candidates and provides aggregate job placement opportunities every month through both Fairchance and Colorado Career Project career fair events.  Additionally, Fairchance is a founding partner of “Careershare”, Colorado’s first major consortium linking Employers, Educators & Trainers, and Candidate Resources under a single organizational structure.  Fusce ac erat lorem sapien tempus

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